butterfly necklace

I undertake a range of commissions for clients, ensuring that you have something completely bespoke. From jewellery to items, I have something for everyone in Masham.


A piece of gemstone

Visit my shop to take a closer look at everything I offer. Photographs are great, but they could never do justice to the outstanding range of products available at Albion Craft Silversmiths.

Minerals and Fossils

minerals and fossils

Take a look at the excellent minerals and fossils  I have, and take time to learn more about them. There’s a great breadth of items on offer, so check them out now.

Call me, in Masham, North Yorkshire, for more information on my fossils and bespoke jewellery.

About Albion Craft Silversmiths

Visit Albion Craft Silversmiths, in Masham, North Yorkshire, to discover the stunning range of products and services I offer. From silversmithing to creating bespoke jewellery, I offer everything you need to come away with something truly unique. Nobody else in the area offers what I do, and I work with dinosaur teeth, gemstones, and fossils to create stunning talking points, ornaments, and more. My prices are competitive and fair, and this allows everyone to have a little piece of history. This business has been active since 2016, but I have more than 45 years of experience in the area. Call me now to find out more about what I can offer!